Technical Specifications and Manuals


This includes ladders, stairs, towers, truck mounted cherry picker.

Lifting Equipment

This is the main reason for our Downloads section enabling those hiring from us to easily view or download instruction manuals - see below.

Load Monitoring Equipment

This includes load cells and related equipment to very accurately and reliably monitor loads e.g. on sets, in studios.


We can offer many types of truss. Please call to discuss your requirements. Below are our most popular truss specifications.


Every possible scaffold fitting and precision cut tube length you can imagine ! Including more specialist items such as saddles and spacer doubles.


We supply many different size aluminium decks.  Please call to discuss sizes needed.


From our popular waterproof black outs, indoor blackouts to blue screens and green screens of varying sizes. 


Any items such as consumables that we cannot easily categorise

This downloads section is a space in which we will endeavour to make accessible instruction manuals and specifications relevant to different equipment that we hire or sell.  This may not yet include all our equipment as our website develops and as we continue to grow our equipment range. Please contact us for further details.

Lifting Equipment & Truss - Downloads

Lifting equipment includes lifting appliances and lifting equipment. A lifting appliance is a machine which is able to raise, lower or suspend a load but excludes machines incorporating a guided load (i.e. lifts) and continuous mechanical handling devices (ie conveyors). A lifting accessory is an item of equipment used to attach the load to the lifting appliance.